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About the region

The WCPT South America Region comprises physical therapy associations from 11 countries. There are 350,221 physical therapists in the region and 7,942 are members of their national physical therapy association.

The MOs are planning the future of physiotherapy in this Region, including projects about the entry level educational programs, advanced practice and continuum education, among others.

Message from the Chair

The South America Region (SAR) is one of five of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

Physical Therapy in this region is well established in some countries and emerging in others. For example, Brazil produces 92 % of the research papers of the whole region, and without any doubt we should promote research in the rest of the countries.

As Chair of the region, I am deeply committed to encourage, with priority, the development of accreditation standards, continuous education, as well as to create regulations and strategies for giving first access to PTs. As many countries of SAR are included in Mercosur, we must develop regulations to make professional mobility real, according to the signed agreements.

At the moment, we are working in a strategic plan for the next years, that will be the base of the organization of this region.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Coming up

Every two years a regional congress is held. The 2020 one will take place in Lima, Perú. This will be a big opportunity for Latin American researchers to show and promote their work and for clinicians to get updated with the last physiotherapy information. 

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For information about regional meetings contact Oscar Ronzio at [email protected]