International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists (SCI-PT)

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International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists

Welcome to the home of the SCI_PT – the International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists.

The aims of this network are to:

  1. Facilitate communication
  2. Encourage exchange of information and ideas
  3. Foster collaborative research
  4. Provide support to less-resourced countries
  5. Develop educational material
  6. Increase awareness of worldwide issues in SCI
  7. Provide a means of gauging opinions and recommendations which can be fed back to interested organisations such as WCPT and the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS).

Membership of the SCI_PT network is open to physiotherapists working in SCI or a related area.

An example of an important resource made freely available to physiotherapists is a website with exercise diagrams, videos and instructions for you to use with your clients with spinal cord injuries.

Membership is free and by online registration at Members will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face every four years at WCPT’s international congresses and communicate with other members through the network’s discussion forum.

Please visit and contribute to the forum and sharing of SCI-related material.

Correspondence can be sent to [email protected]

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The executive consists of


Lisa Harvey (Australia)


Annelies de Wolf (Australia)

European representative

Sacha van Langeveld (Netherlands)

Asia Pacific representative

Chitra Kataria (India)

Middle East representative

Veena Laxman (United Arab Emirates)

South American representative

Guillermo Gomez (Argentina)

African representative

Melanie Skeen (South Africa)

North American representative

Karen Hutchinson (USA) and Grant Huston (Canada)