Enraf-Nonius BV

05 Jul 2018

Enraf-Nonius is market leader in the world of technological solutions for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We deliver products and projects of the highest quality according to the most advanced techniques and make these products available world-wide via our international distributor’s network. By handling the highest possible level of quality and service, we enable health centres to look after their patients and clients in the most effective and efficient way, and therapists to guarantee their treatments on a daily basis.

Hocoma AG

22 Oct 2018

A successful therapy begins in the patients’ minds. We firmly believe they can reach their goals and regain quality of life. This is what we work for at the Swiss medtech company Hocoma, with technologies and ideas that enable independent exercise, create maximum motivation and challenge people to take courage and support their hopes with personal achievements.


18 Oct 2018

MindMaze has developed a breakthrough computing platform for intuitive human-machine interfaces. The MindMotion™ platform provides motivating gamified activities built on evidence-based neurorehabilitation principles, designed to increase rehab dose after a neurological incident. The devices are FDA cleared and mobile solutions to engage patients in continuing therapy as they transition from hospital to home.

Industry workshop

Can the therapist be replaced? (IW-07)


MyoSwiss AG

17 Dec 2018

At MyoSwiss, our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with mobility impairments through innovative assistive technologies.

We are developing the MyoSuit, an innovative training device, for people with mobility impairments. It is a wearable robotic garment suit, that combines robotic and functional textiles. Using artificial intelligence & lightweight materials, we enable personalized and functional training for people with mobility impairments. Simple and anywhere they want.

OG Wellness Technologies Co Ltd

12 Feb 2019

OG Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment、as well as assisted bathing systems for institutional use.

At WCPT 2019 we’re glad to exhibit two of our most innovative physiotherapy products:
① IVES, an EMG-based Functional Electrical Stimulation device that emits real-time stimulation proportionate to the detected EMG

Pontemed AG

16 Jan 2019

PelviPower is a new breakthrough concept from Switzerland that comfortable trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles purposefully and effectively. It's a non-invasive method,you keep your clothes on, conveniently sitting down.
The holistic concept combines state-of-the-art medical technology with targeted support for individual training. PelviPower combines best of both; magnetic field therapy with biofeedback training methods.

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