Women's health (CV-13)

Clinical visit
Tuesday 4 July 12:30-15:30
USD 20 (also available to purchase for ZAR 280 for residents of South Africa)
Patients with urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction are referred from the departments of Gyneacology, Urogyneacology and Urology to the physiotherapists in the urogynaecology department. The physiotherapists are responsible for designing the program and making changes as needed. Patients presenting with hypotonic pelvic floor dysfunctions, hypertonic dysfunctions and chronic pelvic pain are seen.  Delegates will have the opportunity to see how the urogynaecology clinic at Tygerberg Hospital is run and the role of the physiotherapists in the team.  There will an informal presentation as an introduction to the clinical visit explaining a bit about the public health system, the need for the service and where the patients come from etc. and the opportunity for interaction with doctors, nursing staff and patients.
Programme subject to change