WCPT professional seminar: Advocacy (WCPT-04)

WCPT professional seminar (WCPT)
Monday 3 July, 13:45–15:45
Meeting rooms 1.63-1.64
Advocacy: working towards solutions for the big problems


This seminar will be of interest to leaders and professional staff of WCPTs member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks, and leaders of groups aspiring to join WCPT. It will provide the opportunity to explore a number of key advocacy topics: direct access governance, relationships with the medical profession, funding and payments, regulation/registration and scope of practice.


This seminar will be an interactive session where participants move between tables two of three times to explore the key themes. A facilitator will lead each table with a short presentation. There will be some introductory questions however, the majority of the time will be allocated to participants to lead the discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring their advocacy issues to the seminar and be prepared to explore them with the facilitator and other participants. This is a unique opportunity for leaders of organisations to meet in a supportive environment.

Learning objectives

  1. To identify the key policy and advocacy issues facing the global profession
  2. To outline the factors that are key to the success of these activities
  3. To provide an opportunity for current leaders of member organisations to share strategies for success and discuss the key they face in their country
  4. To build mutually supportive relationships between the leaders of member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks
  5. To identify resources that might support emerging and developing associations