Pillay, Mershen

Pillay, Mershen
South Africa
Mershen Pillay, DEd, BSp & HearTh, MSpPath Mershen Pillay is an audiologist and speech-language therapist who is a clinician, researcher and social advocate. Clinically, he works with two groups: people who have swallowing disorders and with workers whose hearing is damaged by exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Mershen’s work is focussed on transforming rehabilitation practitioners’ responses to disability as a social and political practice. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban, South Africa. Mershen has worked in the Middle East, England and Africa, mainly in South Africa. He is also a Visiting Research Scholar at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Mershen works closely with colleagues from rehabilitation professions such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to engage professional transformation within a critical science, decolonization framework.

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