Perracini, Monica

Perracini, Monica

Prof Perracini, MSc, PhD is full professor at the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Physical Therapy at City of São Paulo University and a Research Fellow in Gerontology at the University of Campinas. Perracini is currently leading many studies regarding falls, frailty, balance and mobility problems in older people. Her major purposes are to determine physical and functional performance measures as fall predictors that can be used on a populational basis, and risk profiles that can be used to identify the elder that may receive a target intervention to prevent falls. Some of her students are studying the decline of functional capacity and frailty. She is now leading two clinical trials: the first one aims to identify the effectiveness of a late stage rehabilitation program in improving mobility of older people after hip fracture and the other one is a multicentre study which is being conducted to investigate the effectiveness of a multifactorial fall prevention program in reducing falls in older people.

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