Nwankwo, Somto

Nwankwo, Somto
Somto Nwanko graduated from the University of Nigeria in 2013 and is currently works in medical rehabilitation. In his 2 years as a Physiotherapist Somto has realised that Prostate Cancer is a scourge to Nigerian men, a country which is the most populous black nation in the world. With an average age of 68.3 years at Prostate Cancer diagnosis , most men in Nigeria are diagnosed with Advanced disease with a high mortality rate. Nigeria is also home to 9% of HIV patients in the world but there has been very little research in men living with HIV in Nigeria and in 2013 there were 210 000 deaths, as a result of opportunistic infections in people with low CD4 count. Somto has recognised there is an urgent need for growth and development in Men's Health education to tackle the enormous health burden among Nigerian men. He believes there should be more awareness and education for the community, courses to train Physiotherapists and effective programs for tackling incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Although lacking speaking and publication experience, Somto would like to see interdisciplinary co-operation on the management of prostate and HIV health issues introduced to his nation and shared globally

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