Advanced technologies: How digitalization will change neurorehabilitation (IW-01)

Industry workshop
Sunday 12th May 2019, 15:25-15:50
Exhibition hall 1
Advanced technologies: From efficacy to efficiency. A discussion on how digitalization will change neurorehabilitation

The rehabilitation field has experienced a significant change from an experience-based discipline to an evidence-based multidisciplinary approach in the last years. The use of advanced technologies like robotics, sensory technologies or VR are now a reality in many different settings (in-patient and out-patient). Although there is increasing evidence for the effectiveness of advanced technology therapy, not much has been done yet to prove the efficiency and long term sustainability of these therapies. In addition, there are still many questions on how technology will contribute to the efficiency of the healthcare system in the future. 

During this session, we will present key factors for a successful application and integration of advanced technologies in neurorehabilitation and share first-hand experiences on how advanced technologies contribute to deliver intensive therapy for patients, overcome the high demand and the constraints of limited resources. 



  • Dr Ursula Costa