Clinical Experience with the Robotic Occiflex for Neck and Head Pain (IW-02)

Industry workshop
Saturday 11th May, 10:10-10:35
Exhibition hall 1
Clinical experience with The Occiflex™, The Advanced Safe Robotic Solution for Neck and Head Pain

Neck pain and neck related headaches are a tremendous problem for patients, therapists and society. Present treatments – medications, invasive procedures and alternative therapies – are in many cases ineffective, short-acting and associated with significant side effects. With the Occiflex™ an alternative is introduced. It is the first automatic treatment table to relieve chronic headache and neck pain. The Occiflex™ provides a pain-free mid-range neck mobilization more accurately, more slowly and for much longer than previous therapy options allowed. 

In the Dutch rehabilitation Centre, the Spine & Joint Centre, neck muscle relaxation plays a dominant role in chronic neck pain rehabilitation. Effective neck relaxation however is a challenge for both the patient and the therapist. Over two years the SJC has built up experience using the Occiflex™ for its neck patients. Clinical application, inclusion criteria and preliminary effects of the Occiflex™ will be discussed. 


  • Jan-Paul van Wingerden, PdD