EMG-based FES with IVES (IW-06)

Industry workshop
Saturday 11th May, 13:00-13:25
Exhibition hall 1
EMG-based FES with IVES (Integrated Volitional-control Electric Stimulator)

IVES (Integrated Volitional-control Electric Stimulator) is an EMG-based electrical stimulator used in the rehabilitation of patients with paretic upper or lower limbs, usually from stroke or spinal injury. It can detect EMG and emit stimulation proportionate to that EMG, in real time.It also features a mode that detects EMG in a healthy limb and emits proportionate stimulation in real time to the paretic limb, to assist with rehabilitation exercises such as mirror therapy.In Japan, physicaland occupational therapists have been using IVES in real clinical settings since 2012.

IVES is a versatile device that features six different treatment modes.  In this workshop we’ll explain the various modes, show video footage of actual clinical use and if time permits offer hands-on demonstrations. 


  • David Hale