Abstract mentoring

Q: What is mentoring?

The goal of WCPT’s mentorship programme is to help the author present their material clearly and concisely prior to submitting the abstract to the formal abstract review process. The programme may be particularly helpful for those:

  • who don't have local/national research support networks
  • where English is not the first language
  • presenting for the first time

It is important to note that the mentoring process is entirely separate from the formal abstract submission and review process. Requesting mentoring assistance and gaining feedback from that process does not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted for presentation at the WCPT Congress 2019.

Q: When is the abstract mentoring programme available?

A: The abstract mentoring programme closed on 31st July 2018.

Q: I submitted my abstract for mentoring, when will I receive feedback?

A: Feedback will be provided, with advice on ways that the clarity of expression could be enhanced, in time to make changes and submit before the 6th September abstract submission deadline.  It is the author's responsibility to submit the abstract following the call for abstracts guidelines.

It is important to note that the mentoring process is entirely separate from the formal abstract submission and review process. Requesting mentoring assistance and gaining feedback from that process does not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted for presentation at the WCPT Congress 2019.

Abstract submission (platform and poster)

Q: How can I submit an abstract?

A: The deadline for submission of abstracts, 6th September 2018 has now passed.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my abstract has been accepted or rejected?

​A: All abstract submitters were notified of the outcome of their submission on 20th December 2018.

Q: If my abstract is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters were notified of the date and time of their presentation on 21st February 2019.

Q: I want to request a specific day to present, is this possible?

A: The scheduling of all presentations will be determined by the Congress Programme Committee to ensure best fit with the overall congress programme. Any requests for specific dates and times will not be considered. Similar abstracts in related topic areas will be grouped together for presentation.


Q: Where can I find information about, or book accommodation?

A: Information on congress hotels and the hotel booking service is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/registration/accommodation

Bursary programme

Q: Do I have to be a member of a WCPT member organisation to apply for the busary programme?

​A: Yes. Only people who are members of a WCPT member organisation in a low or lower middle-income country can apply for the bursary programme. Please visit the bursary programme registration page for more details.

Q: I have a question about my bursary application. Who can I contact?

A: Please contact congress@wcpt.org with any questions.

Q: How can I donate to the bursary programme?

A: You can donate when you register to attend congress. Any corporate companies wanting to donate to the bursary programme should contact congress@wcpt.org 

Congress Update

Q: How can I sign up to receive the congress e-letter, Congress Update?

​A: Join our mailing list in order to receive all the latest congress news as it's released. You can opt out at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link included at the bottom of all our newsletters.


Q: I have a question regarding congress, who should I contact?

​A: If your question relates to your presentation or abstract submission, please contact abstracts@wcpt.org

All other congress related questions should be sent to congress@wcpt.org

Continuing Education

WCPT has awarded WCPT International Physical Therapy Continuing Education Units (WCPT IPT-CEUs) to congress days and pre- and post-congress courses.

The following IPT-CEUs have been awarded:

1 WCPT IPT-CEU = 1 hour of learning


Number of WCPT IPT-CEUs

3 day congress attendance


2 day congress attendance


1 day congress attendance


2 day pre- or post-congress course


1 day pre- or post-congress course


½ day pre- or post-congress course


Details of the WCPT IPT-CEUs allocated will be included on certificates of attendance.

Individual physical therapists will need to check the continuing professional development requirements in their own country. They are advised to contact their member organisation, or regulatory body, to see if recognition will be awarded for continuing education resulting from attendance at the WCPT congress and any course.


The currency used in Switzerland is the Swiss franc. 1 CHF is divided into 100 cents. You can find exchange rates here.

Some places may accept payment in euros but any change may be given in Swiss francs.

You may also be able to use your:

  • bank card to make contactless payments or withdraw Swiss francs from an ATM
  • credit card to make payments.

Exhibition and sponsorship

Q: Where can I find information on exhibition and sponsorship?

​A: Details on exhibition and sponsorship can be found at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/exhibition

​Focused symposia

Q: What is a focused symposium?

A: Focused symposia are central to the congress programme. Popular with congress delegates, they draw large audiences and provide lively discussion. They are 90 minute sessions led by a chair who is a recognised expert in the field. The chair has the responsibility for inviting and leading a group of international presenters through a series of evidence based and critically reflective linked presentations, drawing out the relevance, applicability, take-home message and potential challenges for the audience.   

Access the full list of 26 focused symposia sessions to be presented at WCPT Congress 2019

Q: How can I submit a focused symposium proposal?

A: The deadline for submission of proposals, 23rd February 2018 has now passed.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my proposal for a focused symposium has been accepted or rejected?

A: All focused symposia submitters were notified as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted for presentation on 24th April 2018.

Q: If my symposium is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters were notified of the time and date of their presentation on 21st February 2019.

Q: I'm a symposium presenter, rather than the chair, and keen to achieve a publication from the congress, will I be seen as an author of the abstract?

A: All symposium presenters will appear as co-authors on the abstract and appear in the congress programme. You can therefore include the abstract on your list of publications. There may also be other potential outputs from the congress leading to additional publications.


Q: What language will presentations be made in?

​A: The official language of the congress is English and all session and abstract submissions must be submitted and presented in English.

However, building on the success of activities at the WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town, WCPT is facilitating interactions in languages other than English at the WCPT Congress 2019 in Geneva.  See www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/language for further details.

Letters of invitation

Q: How can I obtain a letter of invitation?

A: Information on visas and letters of invitation is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/visitors/visas

Power supply

Please remember to check whether you will need a Swiss travel adapter, which is not the same as other countries in continental Europe. There is no guarantee the two-pin round continental Europe plug will work. For more information: https://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeC.htm and https://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeJ.htm

Pre- and post-congress courses

Q: What are pre- and post-congress courses?

A: Pre- and post-congress courses complement the scientific programme with a focus on applied knowledge and skills, exploring issues in depth in an area of clinical practice, education, management, research or policy. They actively engage participants via a range of learning formats.

Courses offer delegates the chance to gain practical experience, listen to the latest research and practice advances, learn directly from experts and meet with fellow delegates in their field of interest.

The pre- and post-congress courses are an optional element that are open to delegates who register to attend at least one day of the main congress and they carry a separate fee. A variety of half and one day courses will be offered on the day preceding congress, 10th May 2019, and the day following congress, 14th May 2019. Attendance numbers are restricted and managed through the registration process.

Access the full list of 18 courses to be held at WCPT Congress 2019

Q: How can I submit a course proposal?

A: The deadline for submission of proposals, 26th April 2018, has now passed.

Q: Will WCPT cover travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for course presenters?

A: Full details of the expenses covered are included in the call for pre- and post-congress course proposals.

WCPT's policy agreed by the Executive Board and Congress Programme Committee is that honoraria will not be provided for course organisers and presenters.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my proposal for a pre- or post-congress course has been accepted or rejected?

A: All course submitters were notified as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted for presentation on 28th June 2018.

Q: If my course is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters will be notified of the date and time of their course by 31st January 2019.


Q: I have an idea for the programme. Is there scope to add it?

​A: The Congress Programme Committee is working hard to ensure a comprehensive and interesting programme is offered and undertook a widespread consultation in October 2017 to help inform this. There is limited scope to add new ideas to the programme but we would still like to hear from you.

Please send your idea to bmuellerwinkler@wcpt.org and if there is scope to include it we will contact you to discuss it further. Please note, the closer we get to the congress, the less flexibility we will have to introduce new ideas.


Q: I'll be observing Ramadan during congress. What arrangements have been made for delegates observing Ramadan?

​A: WCPT will ensure that food and drink will be made available after sunset at all social events taking place during congress for delegates observing Ramadan.


Q: When will I be able to register for congress?

​A: Online registration is open, you can register via www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/registration

Q: I am a member of my national physical therapy association.  Can I obtain a reduced registration rate?

A: You are only eligible for the "Member" rate if you are a member of a WCPT member organisation.  For a full list of WCPT member organisations visit www.wcpt.org/members

Q: Am I a member of WCPT?  How do I join?

A: WCPT is a confederation of over 109 national physical therapy associations.  Individuals are linked to WCPT through their national associations.  We do not have an individual membership category.  A full list of WCPT member organisations can be found on the WCPT website at www.wcpt.org/members

Q: I am not a physical therapist, however, I am part of a physical therapy education/research programme. Am I eligible for the member registration fee?

A: WCPT recognises that other professions contribute to physical therapy education and research programmes. WCPT therefore extends the “Member” rate to non-PT educators/researchers who are presenting at WCPT Congress 2019.

Q: Is there a special rate for retired physical therapists?

A: If you are permanently retired from practice you are eligible for the "Retired" rate.

Q: Can I obtain a student rate?

A: Students currently enrolled in a physical therapist professional entry level qualifying programme and who are graduating in 2019 or after are eligible to register for the “Entry level student” rate. Students who graduated in or before December 2018 are not eligible to register for the “Entry level student” rate. The “Entry level student” rate does not apply to physical therapists in post qualifying graduate programmes or to other graduate students (eg MSc, PhD). Physical therapy assistant students are also eligible for the “Entry level student” rate.

Q: The registration fee is very high and it is beyond the means of the average physical therapist in my country. Does WCPT make some allowance for physical therapists from low income countries or where salaries are very low?

A: For the first time WCPT has introduced lower registration fees for people from low and lower middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

We realise that the impact of the registration fee depends on specific circumstances and the economy of your country. WCPT is in a position
where it must cover the costs of its congress through registration fees.

We hope that there will be at least one physical therapist from each member organisation and that they will be able to return and share their
knowledge and experience with colleagues.

We receive many requests for grants, speaker’s honorarium and reduced registration fees for a variety of reasons.

Reducing the rate for one group or paying some speakers would mean that we have to increase the registration fee for others. Presenters,
session chairs and delegates from all member organisations therefore pay the same rate.

Q: Can I purchase a ticket to the Opening Ceremony or Welcome Networking Reception?

A: Yes, if you have not already registered and would like to purchase additional tickets to these events, please select this option when you register. If you have already registered and would like to add tickets to your registration please email wcpt2019@kit-group.org stating what event you would like to purchase tickets for and how many you require.

Q: Can I add items to my registration once I have paid my registration fee?

A: Yes, additions to your registration, including adding an option from the social programme or a clinical visit, may be made by emailing wcpt2019@kit-group.org up until 29th March 2019, but we encourage early booking as spaces are limited.

Q: Can I make a change to my registration?

A: If you do not wish to add anything to your registration (eg party night tickets, clinical visits) and wish to cancel items or change your personal details, please contact wcpt2019@kit-group.org

Q: I only want to register for one day of the congress but don't know which day yet, will I be able to confirm or change the day later?

A: You can register for one day at the advance rate. You can then change/confirm the day you are attending up until 29th March 2019.


Q: Are biographies available for any of the congress speakers?

A: You can access biographies of all course and focused symposium speakers from the index of speakers.  Biographies of those chairing discussion sessions and seminars will be added as they are confirmed.


Q: Where will the congress take place?

A: WCPT Congress 2019 will be held at Palexpo, Geneva's exhibition and convention centre.  Situated just a 10-minute walk from Geneva airport and a 15-minute bus ride from the city centre, it is located at the very heart of Europe.  Palexpo is easily accessible by motorway from the rest of Switzerland as well as from France, Italy and Germany.

Find out more about Palexpo at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/venue


Q: Do I need a visa to attend the congress?

A: You are encouraged to review your visa requirements and start your application as soon as possible.  Details on travel visas for Switzerland are available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/visitors/visas


Q: Can I volunteer at congress?

A: Full information about volunteering at WCPT Congress 2019 is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/registration/volunteers