Amputee rehabilitation (NWS-02)

Networking session
Saturday 11 May 2019, 07:15-08:15
Room T+U

WCPT Network for physical therapists working with individuals with limb loss or limb absence

Network with your colleagues who share a common interest and explore:

  • Knowledge gaps, and the challenges and opportunities in the area of interest
  • Commonalties and differences in different cultural/health/policy settings and what can be learnt from them
  • New developments that might have an impact on your work
  • Ways to continue connecting, for example via WCPT, conferences, subgroups or social media
  • Collaborative opportunities, also inter-professionally, to advance education, practice, research and policy
  • Plans for future projects

Facilitators should be available to support discussions in French, Italian and Spanish. Please speak to the session chair at the beginning of the session for details.