#GlobalPT (WCPT-04)

WCPT professional seminar (WCPT)
Sunday 12 May 2019, 13:45-15:45
Room T+U
#GlobalPT: #BetterTogether, using social media for connection


In 2015, members of the physiotherapy global community recognised the potential of the Internet and social media to digitally connect and support the WCPT’s goals of creating a globally connected network of physiotherapists.1 During WCPT 2015 in Singapore, Twitter was chosen as a suitable primary platform to drive communication beyond the congress, based upon its reputation for fostering connections, networking and information dissemination at international level.

Since its inception, the notion of a digitally connected physical therapy community has flourished. Many will be familiar with #GlobalPT, which has trended and become a badge of recognition amongst its users and the global physiotherapy community. This session will explore the extent to which this is connecting people or simply being used for marketing and signposting. Since 2015, several other hashtags have emerged and supported the sense of community that the physical therapy profession has always fostered, such as #BetterTogether #RehabMatters

This seminar will reflect on what has contributed to the digital connectedness of the physical therapy community across different platforms. It will also explore how this can be capitalised on.


  1. Explore progress to date in achieving WCPT’s strategic outcome on connectedness
  2. Consider the impact of #GlobalPT on networking, research , professional practice and friendship/community
  3. Examine the success and challenges of being part of a global community and next stages for collaboration and future research
  4. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the individual, member organisations and the WCPT in supporting members to connect