Aldughmi, Mayis

Aldughmi, Mayis
Mayis Aldughmi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Jordan. Her research interest focuses on investigating the relationship between physical function and factors such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, and cognitive impairments in neurological populations particularly people with multiple sclerosis. She is also interested in the effect of interventions such as exercise therapy on these factors. Aldughmi is currently part of a team exploring the effects of mesenchymal stem cells therapy compared to combined exercise therapy (balance training, strength training, and aerobic exercise) on a range of symptoms including sleep quality in people with multiple sclerosis (NCT03326505).
Aldughmi recent presentation was a platform presentation focusing on the importance of assessing sleep quality in the physical therapy field in t
he 4th Jordanian International Physiotherapy Conference, Amman, Jordan on June 23rd 2018. She also had a platform presentation titled "Fatigue Measured Using the Neurological Fatigue Index Is Associated with Poor Sleep Quality In People With Multiple Sclerosis" in the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress (WCPT), Cape Town, South Africa, on July 2nd 2017.