Dieye, Sidy

Dieye, Sidy
United Kingdom

Sidy Dieye is Head of Programmes and Development at World confederation for physical therapy (WCPT).  Prior to joining WCPT, Sidy was a senior consultant leading a portfolio of 5 cities in Senegal, Mali, Benin and Mauritania engaging multi-sector and multi-level governance in development, strategic planning and community resilience from Nov. 2012 to Aug. 2016.

He has served as senior program officer and Head of office for International Alert-UK, in Liberia managing projects in conflict-affected countries, targeting the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society across the West African region during 2004 -2009. He is an expert in community development, civil society engagement, governance, media and peace building. He is an advocate and leader in conflict resolution war stricken countries, policy developer and an excellent mediator. Sidy holds a BA in Sociology, an MA in Sociology and post conflict Development and an MA in Public Administration.