Merolli, Mark

Merolli, Mark
Dr. Mark Merolli (Chair): PhD, B.Physio (Hons), MACHI, CHIA, Graduate Certificate Learning & Teaching (Higher Education). Academic Director of Digital Health and Informatics, School of Health Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology.

Dr. Merolli is a Physiotherapist (musculoskeletal) and Certified Health Informatician Australasia. He is a leading voice for technology and informatics in Physiotherapy. He has a global reputation for his expertise in digital health and informatics, which has led to his involvement and consultation in several WCPT and Physiotherapy MO programs. He has presented on digital health and technology for Physiotherapy at several recent APA and WCPT conferences, run workshops, written articles for MO magazines, and been interviewed for podcasts. His research interests include how technology is engaging patients in their own health management, how technology can be leveraged to improve outcomes in clinical practice, and how we can ensure the digital preparedness of future health professionals. Most recent publication: Barton CJ, Merolli MA. It is time to replace publish or perish with get visible or vanish: opportunities where digital and social media can reshape knowledge translation, Br J Sports Med. 2017.