Bursary programme giving the Gift of Congress

WCPT and the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) are joining forces to fundraise in support of a bursary programme to “Give the Gift of Congress”.

WCPT firmly believes that supporting individual physical therapists from its low resource member organisations to attend the WCPT Congress is an investment in the future of physical therapy and service delivery.

This bursary programme is part of a number of initiatives that WCPT and SASP are working on to extend the reach and impact of the congress to create a lasting legacy.

Donate to the bursary

The aims of the programme are to:

  • raise funds to support the attendance of delegates from WCPT member organisations in low and low-middle resource countries
  • ensure that successful applicants demonstrate a commitment to professional leadership through disseminating the learning on returning home; this may be in an association, academic, research or clinical context
  • ideally support at least 20 delegates including one delegate from each of WCPT’s member organisations in Africa [dependent on funds raised]

The bursary will include a full congress registration, including the opening and welcome reception, and support of up to USD $800 towards travel and accommodation costs.


Applications must be submitted online following this link:

Apply for bursary

Before completing the form think carefully about these requirements:

  1. Describe the professional benefits you anticipate gaining personally by attending the congress.
  2. Describe how your participation at the congress can positively affect the practice or organisation you work for.
  3. Describe the knowledge you are hoping to gain and how this will impact your local community.
  4. Outline your plan for how you will share what you learn at the congress with local colleagues.
  5. If you hold a leadership role within your association or place of work/study, please describe how congress attendance will benefit your role.

Closing date: 1st March 2017.


  • Applicants must be a qualified physical therapist who is a member in good standing with a WCPT member organisation in low/low-middle resource country (the list of eligible member organisations can be found at the bottom of this page), or a physical therapist in a low/low-middle resource country in Africa with an association working towards WCPT membership.


Applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • a commitment to continuing professional development
  • how their attendance can positively affect their workplace, colleagues and/or WCPT member organisation
  • the potential to benefit their local community
  • efforts to secure funding from other sources


Successful applicants will be notified by 31st March 2017.

Terms and conditions of awards

  1. Recipients must be able to demonstrate that they are a member in good standing with a WCPT member organisation in a low or low-middle income country (the list of eligible member organisations can be found at the bottom of this page), or a member of a physical therapy professional association in Africa that is working towards WCPT membership and has been in contact with WCPT.
  2. Membership status will be verified with the WCPT member organisation before any award is confirmed.
  3. The application form must be completed in full (incomplete applications will not be considered).
  4. Bursary recipients must submit a report within 2 months of the congress reporting on their experience and the impact of the bursary programme; failure to do so may lead to a refund being sought by WCPT. Information provided within these reports may be used by WCPT on its website social media and in e-newsletters for promotional purposes.
  5. Bursary recipients commit to return to their home country at the end of the congress.
  6. Successful candidates will be required to sign an undertaking indicating that any expenses/payments made on their behalf will be repaid if they do not attend the WCPT Congress 2017.
  7. Bursary recipients and amounts will be determined by WCPT.
  8. WCPT and SASP retain the right to make final decisions regarding the content of the bursary programme and the selection of successful candidates.
  9. Neither WCPT or SASP is responsible or liable for the bursary recipients during their stay in Cape Town.
  10. Neither WCPT or SASP accepts any responsibility or liability for the visa application procedure. Expenses will not be reimbursed until any required visa has been obtained.
  11. Neither WCPT or SASP accepts any liability for damages occurring from or resulting by visiting the WCPT Congress 2017, or during an applicant’s stay in Cape Town. Bursary recipients are responsible for their own travel insurance.


List of eligible WCPT member organisations

  • Afghanistan: Afghan Association for Physical Therapy
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association
  • Benin: Association Beninoise des Kinesitherapeutes - Reeducateurs
  • Bolivia: Colegio de Fisioterapia y Kinesiología de Bolivia
  • Cambodia: Cambodian Physical Therapy Association
  • Congo (Democratic Republic): The Congo Physical Therapists Union
  • Egypt: General Physical Therapy Syndicate of Egypt
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopian Physiotherapists' Association
  • Ghana: Ghana Physiotherapy Association
  • Guatemala: Asociacion Nacional de Fisioterapistas de Guatemala
  • Indonesia: Indonesian Physiotherapy Association
  • Kenya: Kenya Society of Physiotherapists
  • Malawi: Physiotherapy Association of Malawi
  • Myanmar: Myanmar Physiotherapy Association
  • Nepal: Nepal Physiotherapy Association
  • Niger: Nigerien Physiotherapy Association
  • Nigeria: Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy
  • Pakistan: Pakistan Physical Therapy Association
  • Philippines: Philippine Physical Therapy Association
  • Rwanda: Association of Rwandan Physiotherapy
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Society of Physiotherapy
  • Sudan: Sudanese Physiotherapy Association
  • Swaziland: Association of Physiotherapists of Swaziland
  • Syria: Syrian Physical Therapy Association
  • Tanzania: Association of Physiotherapists in Tanzania
  • Togo: Togolese Physiotherapists' Association
  • Uganda: Uganda Association of Physiotherapy
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian Association of Physical Therapy
  • Zambia: Zambia Society of Physiotherapy
  • Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association