Abstract submission (platform and poster)

Q: When will the call for abstracts be available?

A: The call for abstracts will open in May 2018.

Q: What is the abstract submission deadline?

​A: The closing date for abstract submissions will be in September 2018.

Congress Update

Q: How can I sign up to receive the congress e-letter, Congress Update?

​A: You are given the option to sign up to our mailing lists when you register on our website. If you have already registered you can edit your mailing list subscriptions by clicking on the My account​ link which is available under the My WCPT​ menu whenever you're logged in to the site. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to mailing lists under the Edit​ tab.


Q: I have a question regarding congress, who should I contact?

​A: If your question relates to your presentation or abstract submission, please contact abstracts@wcpt.org

All other congress related questions should be sent to congress@wcpt.org

Exhibition and sponsorship

Q: Where can I find information on exhibition and sponsorship?

​A: Details on exhibition and sponsorship can be found at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/exhibition

​Focused symposia

Q: What is a focused symposium?

A: Focused symposia are central to the congress programme. Popular with congress delegates, they draw large audiences and provide lively discussion. They are 90 minute sessions led by a chair who is a recognised expert in the field. The chair has the responsibility for inviting and leading a group of international presenters through a series of evidence based and critically reflective linked presentations, drawing out the relevance, applicability, take-home message and potential challenges for the audience.   

Q: How can I submit a focused symposium proposal?

A: All focused symposium proposals must be electronic.

The online focused symposium submission system is available via www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019/programme/fs/call

Q: What is the closing date for focused symposium proposals?

A: The closing date for the submission of focused symposium proposals is 23rd February 2018.

​Q: Can I submit more than one focused symposium?

​A: No, a symposium chair or presenter may appear in only one symposium proposal submission. This does not affect any future abstract submissions.

​Q: Do the focused symposium chair and presenters have to be physical therapists?

A: The chair/presenters do not have to be physical therapists, as we recognise the many outstanding related contributions from other professions and scientists in the field of physical therapy. However, we would encourage any proposal to include at least one physical therapist.

​Q: Will WCPT cover travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for focused symposium presenters?

​A: WCPT's policy agreed by the Executive Board, and Congress Programme Committee, is that honorarium, fee or payment of expenses will not be provided for chairs or presenters, except where an application for congress participation assistance funding for a chair/presenter from a WCPT member organisation in a low resource country has been successful. There is an application and assessment process for this with agreed criteria; acceptance of a symposium proposal does not guarantee funding assistance. WCPT's expectation, based on previous experience, is that all those involved in these events are planning on attending congress and keen to contribute to events such as these. However, the Congress Programme Committee is keen to see more contributions from presenters from low resource member organisations and has therefore allocated some funding to achieve this.

Congress has to appeal to many physical therapists around the world and in order to get delegates attending the registration fee has to be set at a realistic figure that is achievable for those physical therapists working in low resource countries, as well as those from higher resourced countries. WCPT is in a position where it must cover the costs of its congress through registration fees. To pay presenters would result in costs being transferred to delegates via the fee. The impact of the registration fee depends on specific circumstances and the economy of your country.

We receive many requests for grants, presenter's honorarium and reduced registration fees for a variety of reasons.

Reducing the rate for one group or paying some presenters would mean that we have to increase the registration fee for others. Presenters, session chairs and delegates from all member organisations therefore pay the same rate.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my proposal for a focused symposium has been accepted or rejected?

A: All focused symposia submitters will be notified as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted for presentation by 27th April 2018.

Q: If my symposium is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters will be notified of the time and date of their presentation by 22nd February 2019.

Q: I'm a symposium presenter, rather than the chair, and keen to achieve a publication from the congress, will I be seen as an author of the abstract?

A: All symposium presenters will appear as co-authors on the abstract and appear in the congress programme. You can therefore include the abstract on your list of publications. There may also be other potential outputs from the congress leading to additional publications.


Q: I have an idea for the programme. Is there scope to add it?

​A: The Congress Programme Committee is working hard to ensure a comprehensive and interesting programme is offered and undertook a widespread consultation in October 2017 to help inform this. There is limited scope to add new ideas to the programme but we would still like to hear from you.

Please send your idea to bmuellerwinkler@wcpt.org and if there is scope to include it we will contact you to discuss it further. Please note, the closer we get to the congress, the less flexibility we will have to introduce new ideas.