How to take part

The campaign message of World Physical Therapy Day 2016 is “Add life to years”, under the umbrella theme of Movement for Health. The message builds on the findings of WHO’s World Report on Ageing and Health and a range of reports indicating the contribution and cost effectiveness of physical therapy in healthy ageing.

We are encouraging physical therapists around the world to use WCPT’s toolkit to convey the following key messages to the public and policy makers.

  • Physical therapists help older people be independent, improving their quality of life and reducing health care costs.
  • Physical therapists address the non-communicable diseases which compromise independence in older age.
  • Structured and tailored exercise programmes are often essential to promote independence in older people.

These messages are important not just to encourage health and activity in populations. They can help establish physical therapists as physical activity experts, and communicate the fact that they have a vital role in preventing illness, disability and death.

If you are an individual physical therapist or planning an activity with your colleagues at your workplace, remember to contact the WCPT member organisation in your country so that you link up with any activities that they may be planning.

A full list of WCPT member organisations may be viewed at:

The materials produced promote the idea of a global physical therapy community. The day will be widely publicised on social media, using the #addlifetoyears and #WorldPTDay hashtags.

WCPT would like to thank the WCPT subgroup, the International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP), for its assistance in the production of the toolkit materials.

Get involved

WCPT has produced a toolkit of materials to support physical therapists and their organisations in their World Physical Therapy Day activities. It includes:

  • A leaflet: to distribute directly to patients and the public.
  • A poster and infographic: to put up in public places.
  • A postcard: to distribute directly to the public.
  • Translations: the posters, flyer and postcard are also available in Spanish and French.
  • Social media graphics: a selection of graphics have been produced for you to use on Twitter and Facebook to promote the day and this year’s message. #addlifetoyears
  • Twibbons: to add to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Campaign resources: a list of facts to demonstrate the important role of physical therapy in ageing and health.
  • A t-shirt design and logo: to download and get printed locally.
  • Stickers: to download and print on standard printer labels.
  • Banner artwork: to download and be supplied to local manufacturers.