WCPT Look Forward Together: now we want you to tell us about priorities for action

21 Nov 2015

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy today launches the third online poll in its WCPT Look Forward Together consultation – and it wants to hear your opinion on what the priorities should be for the Confederation over the next four years.

Stefan Jutterdal from the Swedish Physiotherapy Association talks about the consultation in a new video

WCPT Look Forward Together: poll number three will look at action

16 Nov 2015

What actions do you think WCPT should take over the next four years? With the first two online polls in the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation about to close, a new poll will be posted at the end of this week asking for your views about priorities for action.

WCPT Look Forward Together: complete our second poll about issues affecting PT

05 Nov 2015

What do you think are the main issues affecting the physical therapy profession in your country? Is it status, autonomy, pay and working conditions… or something else entirely?

WCPT gets World Health Organization delegates moving in Geneva

04 Nov 2015

The importance of physical therapy in the care of older people was recognised at a major World Health Organization meeting on its global ageing strategy in Geneva last week.

WCPT Look Forward Together: a personal perspective from Africa

02 Nov 2015

Hundreds of physical therapists have already completed the first WCPT Look Forward Together online poll, gathering opinion on opportunities for the profession around the world.

Take part in our poll: what’s your view on the main opportunities for the profession?

27 Oct 2015

WCPT today launches the first of a series of online polls to gain opinion from member organisations and the physical therapy community. This is part of the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation, and will inform a new strategic plan to determine the Confederation’s direction to the year 2021.

WCPT President Emma Stokes speaking in a video launching the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation

Look forward together: WCPT wants you to contribute to future strategy

19 Oct 2015

WCPT has begun a major new conversation with the world of physical therapy to gather ideas on how the Confederation can continue to serve the needs of its member organisations and the profession globally over the next five years.

New UN agenda provides an opportunity for physical therapists

19 Oct 2015

The United Nations has formally adopted a new agenda for sustainable development, with a set of 17 global goals to end poverty, fight inequality, bring good health and tackle climate change over the next 15 years.

Physical therapist honoured for work making the profession’s voice heard in clinical guidelines

19 Oct 2015

Physical therapist Philip van der Wees has been honoured by the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) for his contribution to the development and implementation of clinical practice guidelines.

PTs in Indonesia holding assessments on the streets as part of the day of service.

Physical therapists take part in first ever international day of service

19 Oct 2015

Around 1,850 physical therapists, assistants and students in 27 countries united to contribute to their communities on Saturday, in the first ever Global PT Day of Service.

Knowledge resources in spinal injuries grow

19 Oct 2015

A new web-based content creation project on spinal cord injuries (SCI) is drawing in physical therapists from around the world to build a new resource for the profession and the SCI community.

How we told the world: a profession in action around the globe on World PT Day

19 Oct 2015

From wheelchair tryouts to public education booklets, from Nordic walking to screening for fall risk, WCPT has received reports of hundreds of activities organised by physical therapists to raise the profile of the profession on World PT Day.

WHO's new framework for ageing puts the emphasis on activity

07 Oct 2015

The World Health Organization has published a new framework for public health action on ageing around the world, rejecting the stereotype of older people as frail and dependent. At the same time, it is consulting on a new action plan on ageing and health – and WCPT is encouraging physical therapists to take part.

WCPT signs up with health information campaign

24 Sep 2015

WCPT has signed up as a supporting organisation of the campaign Healthcare Information for All, better known as HIFA.

Members of the International Scientific Committee met online to begin planning the congress programme.

Positive start to programme-planning for the next WCPT Congress

17 Sep 2015

Planning for the 2017 WCPT Congress in Cape Town began in September with the first meeting of the committee organising the event’s scientific programme.

Massive response to World PT Day

09 Sep 2015

Thousands of physical therapists around the world got in the spirit of World Physical Therapy Day – organising activities, talking to the public, engaging in debate and celebrating the profession’s achievement.

Emma Stokes pictured during the WCPT General Meeting in Singapore in April

How we can fulfil the potential of our profession

07 Sep 2015

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President As World Physical Therapy Day has approached, I have been thinking a lot about its theme, “Fulfilling potential”, and how we as a community work together to fulfil the potential of our profession.

Congress proceedings provide an international resource for the profession

20 Jul 2015

Proceedings from the WCPT Congress in Singapore are now available for physical therapists around the world to use as a free professional resource.

WCPT's new Executive Board gets to work

20 Jul 2015

WCPT’s new Executive Board met for the first time in June, just eight weeks after their election at the WCPT General Meeting in Singapore. As well as getting down to business – establishing a finance committee and deciding to set up a membership committee – the board set the groundwork for working together in the future.

The message for World Physical Therapy Day 2015: fulfilling potential

20 Jul 2015

WCPT has launched its new toolkit of materials for World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September. The suggested focus for this year is “Fulfilling potential”.