Joy in Work - An Essential Resource

11 Sep 2017

By Emma K Stokes, WCPT President

‘In Sweden we’ve set a goal. We want to develop from a professional organisation that has to chase to be listened to, into an organisation which is constantly in demand, and obvious to the authorities.’
- Stefan Jutterdal

Exercise programmes can reduce fall rates

04 Jul 2017

Systematic reviews show that older people who exercise have 21% fewer falls than controls – and in some clinical groups exercise programmes can halve fall rates.

The gift of congress: bursaries that change lives

02 Jul 2017

Nineteen physical therapists from 14 countries have received bursaries enabling them to attend the WCPT Congress in Cape Town – and the results could be career changing, they believe.

Maximising your use of social media

01 Jul 2017

Social media offers a great way to connect with others at the WCPT Congress, while sharing your experience with the physical therapy family around the world.


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