New videos profile WCPT's history, achievements and ambitions

01 Jun 2015

Two new videos from WCPT, produced to coincide with the WCPT Congress and General Meeting in Singapore, profile the Confederation’s history and ambitions - and its achievements over the past four years.

The best of times: thoughts from WCPT Congress

22 May 2015

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President It’s hard to believe it’s all over. The WCPT Congress 2015 in Singapore was the culmination of four years’ planning and consideration and what a success it was. Thank you to the 3,500 physical therapists from around the world who took part.

WCPT launches new infographics profiling the profession globally

18 May 2015

New data collected from WCPT’s member organisations indicates that direct access to physical therapy services is permitted in 59% of countries and physical therapists are educated for autonomous practice in 63% of countries. This is based on returns from 93 of WCPT's member organisations.

WCPT's new President looks to the future

14 May 2015

WCPT’s new President has spoken of her commitment to encouraging the next generation of physical therapy leaders in a short interview filmed after the WCPT Congress in Singapore.

Planning for physical therapy demand is "challenging" worldwide

04 May 2015

How do you address shortages of physical therapists, and how can countries plan ahead so that their physical therapy resource needs are met?

WCPT art and health exhibition: winners on show

03 May 2015

Some of the winners of WCPT’s 2015 art and health exhibition assembled in the hall with their entries yesterday and received winners’ certificates.

PEDro celebrates birthday at congress

03 May 2015

PEDro, the internationally acclaimed physical therapy evidence database, is exhibiting at the WCPT Congress as it celebrates its 15th birthday.

Exercise adherence: knowing isn’t doing

03 May 2015

Why is long-term exercise adherence so difficult to achieve? The question has long eluded easy answers – but physical therapists may need to pay more attention to patient perceptions of why adherence breaks down, a focused symposium heard on Sunday.

Jonathon Kruger

Advocacy a "key skill" for physical therapists

03 May 2015

Advocacy is a key issue for physical therapists around the world. “The better we do it, the better we serve the communities who need us.”

Joint effort by physical therapists builds exercise library for all to share

03 May 2015

A website produced by physical therapists enables professional colleagues to compile individualised exercise programmes for their patients. And at the WCPT Congress its developers are spreading the word about a new version of the free software, allowing physical therapists to send the programmes to patients’ mobile devices.

Outstanding contributions to physical therapy recognised in WCPT Awards

03 May 2015

Norwegian physical therapist Kari Bø has been awarded the World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s highest honour for her highly influential work in women’s health.

Knowledge translation essential in wake of research explosion, say neurology PTs

03 May 2015

The International Neurological Physical Therapy Association (INPA) emphasised the importance of knowledge translation in research at a congress discussion.

The allure of the poster: presentations proving popular in exhibition hall

02 May 2015

The poster presentation section of the exhibition hall has proved a congress draw, with delegates gathering there for photos, conversations and networking.

The Haiti earthquake in 2010 may have been a watershed. Picture: William Daniels

Disaster management: sending out a strong message about what physical therapists can do

02 May 2015

Sunday’s WCPT seminar on disaster management had added resonance, following the earthquake in Nepal which has killed 6,900 and left more than 15,000 injured according to latest figures.

Is "Exercise is medicine" a friend or foe?

02 May 2015

A packed auditorium at the WCPT Congress 2015 debate on Saturday afternoon considered the question: is "Exercise is Medicine" a friend or foe of physical therapy?

Pain: can the brain be retrained?

02 May 2015

The benefits of exercise to combat chronic pain was the focus of a symposium session today, where Niamh Moloney from Australia explored the relationship between physical activity and mood, anxiety and stress.

Physical therapists at the heart of Nepal earthquake relief efforts

02 May 2015

As the World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s congress begins in Singapore, it is calling on delegates to support the efforts of physical therapists and other health professionals in providing immediate and long-term rehabilitation, aids and equipment to the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Now you're here... get tweeting!

02 May 2015

Now you've arrived at physical therapy's biggest international event, it's a good time to make sure you make the most of the networking opportunities on offer. WCPT is encouraging all congress delegates to get on Twitter, to keep connected and well-informed about what's going on. Here are some suggestions about how to get involved:

Meet the people who run our profession's online encyclopedia – and much more too

02 May 2015

Physiopedia – the Wikipedia for Physical Therapists – is a professional partner of the World Confederation for Physical Therapists. Go to its stand D15 in the exhibition hall and find out about its work – which includes running online continuing education courses as well as producing 1800 pages of physical therapy information online.

Today's congress top tip: use the app

02 May 2015

The WCPT Congress 2015 app is available for free download from the Apple Store, Android Play or Windows Phone Store.