International Federation of Physical Therapists working in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (IFPTOHE)

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University of South Australia
School of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy)
GPO Box 2471
SA 5001
Work telephone
(61) 8 8302 2068
(61) 8 8302 2766

WCPT Physical Therapy Network for Occupational Health and Ergonomics

Welcome to the WCPT network for physical therapists working in the area of occupational health and ergonomics.

During the WCPT General Meeting in Geneva, May 2019, a vote will be held to determine if we become an official subgroup titled – “The International Federation of Physical Therapists working in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (IFPTOHE)”. This is exciting - stay tuned!

Our international group is made up of physical therapists working in occupational health, ergonomics and vocational rehabilitation. This network, and proposed subgroup, will enable you to connect with colleagues and will help us all to improve as practitioners and deliver the best possible care to our clients. We can:

  • share information about professional practice
  • share ideas and resources, learn from each other
  • hear about professional development activities including research, conferences and courses
  • work on the development of a subgroup

Member organisations

We have 22 proposed member organisations to date, they are from: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Uganda, United Kingdom.

Membership of the WCPT network/subgroup is open to physical therapists working or interested in working in occupational health and ergonomics, that belong to a WCPT member organisation. Through your membership you will be linked with colleagues who share the same background and interests, in your own country and worldwide. We invite you to join us to discuss the future subgroup aims and objectives. Membership of the network/subgroup is free. If your national association or national subgroup is not yet a proposed member organisation then consider becoming one. In the meantime, join us via social media.

WCPT Congress May 2019, Geneva, Switzerland. Pre-congress networking meeting and first General Meeting

The working party is hosting a free pre-conference networking meeting in Geneva on Thursday 9th May 2019 for all physiotherapists interested in Occupational Health. We will exchange experiences in the field of practice, research and education. It is important for us to meet each other and share ideas about the important work we undertake in occupational health and ergonomics as well as to build relationships and networks.

The first IFPTOHE General Meeting will follow the networking session and will involve electing or confirming the leadership team of the subgroup and discussing future activities.

To help us with the organization please advise of your intention to attend:

  1. the networking session and/or
  2. the General Meeting

Please respond at your earliest convenience via

Both events will be held at the School of Physical Therapy, Geneva.

There will also be a networking session during the congress. A number of our members are presenting at the congress, check the program for session times to learn about their work.

Social media networking activities

The network and proposed subgroup provides a means of communication via LinkedIn and also through Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to sharing discussions about our work.

Join our group on LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter

  • You are also welcome to follow our page on facebook “Occupational Health and Ergonomics WCPT”. On this page we will share knowledge, new research concerning occupational health and ergonomics. It is open for anyone who would like to follow and has a section for students.
  • We are also using twitter as a forum to communicate: @wcptOHE