*Scam alert*

WCPT is aware of a number of scam invitations being sent to member organisations to participate in meetings organised by the United Nations and others. For example: “The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), an arm of the United Nations is organizing a 3-Day Training for Physiotherapists drawn from National/Regional Physiotherapy Associations in 20 countries of the world. This training is fully sponsored by MIGA.” These then request payment to support the training offered in return for a stipend payment. Member organisations are advised to ignore these or if in doubt contact WCPT [email protected]

Member organisations

WCPT is a confederation of national associations representing physical therapists.  Individuals are linked to WCPT through these national associations.  Only one national organisation per country is eligible for WCPT membership and must meet set criteria before being admitted.  WCPT member organisations are grouped into regions according to their geographical position.


WCPT has five global regions, each composed of WCPT member organisations in that geographical area. Read more about each region and its members.

Requirements for membership

To become a member of WCPT, a national physical therapy association must meet specific criteria laid down in WCPT’s Constitution. Read more about the criteria for membership.

Benefits of membership

Being a member of WCPT brings benefits both to the physical therapy organisation, and the individuals who belong to it. Read more about the benefits of membership.

How to join

Any association wishing to become a member of WCPT must obtain an application form from WCPT and submit it with specific documents in English.  Access more details on the application process.