WCPT networks

WCPT is well placed to be the focal point for the international exchange of ideas, experience and expertise in physical therapy. A number of international physical therapy networks have been established to support this exchange among individual physical therapists.

WCPT networks

Networks affiliated to WCPT

WCPT networks are about:

  • individuals rather than groups
  • establishing and using contacts for information and support world-wide
  • building relationships
  • general communication
  • identifying issues early and monitoring how they develop
  • developing a resource pool of experts in a given area
  • helping to disseminate work by WCPT and others in the area
  • going beyond organisational, professional, and national boundaries

They do not need to exist as a formal group.

It may also be appropriate for networks to organise meetings and conferences.

As Networks are established they will be profiled on the WCPT website.

Anyone wishing to discuss setting up a WCPT network should contact Tracy Bury [email protected] to discuss their proposal.

WCPT subgroups

WCPT also has a subgroup structure. Subgroups have a specific area of interest and are important international physical therapy organisations in their own right. They promote the advancement of physical therapy in their field, and are organised to exchange scientific knowledge. There are strict criteria for applying to be a subgroup of WCPT.