Africa Region of WCPT

Contact details

c/o PO Box 58213
South Africa
Work telephone
+27 82 956 5528
+27 86 553 4255

About the region

The region has been active in supporting member organisations achieve better structured physical therapy services and education programmes. 

Having begun with five members in 1991, the region has expanded over the past decade and now has 17 members. 

The region has established a sub-regional federation for organisations from Francophone countries (mainly in West Africa). Physical therapy organisations from East African member countries have also started meeting on an annual basis, enabling organisations that are not yet WCPT members to get to know about the confederation.

The region is also leading a special project on palliative care physiotherapy with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

Coming up

Enquiries regarding future meetings should be addressed to Joyce Mothabeng at [email protected]

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