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The 60th Congress of the Korean Physical Therapy Association

On April 15, the 60th Congress of the Korean Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) was successfully held at Changwon Convention Center with more than 1,000 members in attendance. The Congress was hosted by the KPTA (President Tae-Sik Lee) and organized by its Gyeongsang-Do branch (President Heung-Seok Oh).

The main theme of the Congress was “The Clinical Role of Korean Physical Therapy in an Aging Society.” The first lecture was given by Mr. Kazuhito Matsui (Executive Director of JPTA) on “The Present and Future of Home-Based Physical Therapy in Japan,” and, then, Dr. Suh-Fang Jeng (Chairperson of WCPT-AWP Region) gave a lecture entitled “Entry-Level Physical Therapy Education: Reform and Challenges, ” Followed by Dr. Kwak Hyun (Director of Ajou Rehabilitation Hospital) on “Therapeutic Exercise for Successful Aging (Super-training).” In addition, concurrent sessions about subjects including orthopedic manual, neurologic, and cardiopulmonary sections were organized for attendants.

Suh-Fang Jeng (Chairperson of WCPT-AWP), Kazuto Handa (President of JPTA), Hoe-Chan Roh (Member of the National Assembly), and Jong-Hoon Park (the Superintendent of Gyeongsangnam-Do Office of Education) gave congratulatory speeches at the opening ceremony of the Congress and, after the ceremony, they discussed the enhancement of role of physical therapists in aging societies and in sports field.

Recently, KPTA has successfully supported the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics. About 120 physical therapists participated and worked not only in the polyclinic but also as chaperones and interpreters. During the 4th Korea-Japan Joint Meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held the day before the Congress, all the successful experiences of Korean sports physical therapists were shared with the JPTA, in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In the joint meeting, academic exchange, joint research, and policy support plans for physical therapy were also discussed.

Message from the Chair

The Asia Western Pacific Region (AWP) is one of five regional groupings of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

The AWP is one of the largest and most populous geographical regions in WCPT.  It is a region where physical therapy is well established in some countries and emerging in others.  As a consequence the variability in physical therapy practice is quite marked.

As Chair of the region, I am deeply committed to building the capacity of local physical therapists and other health professionals to undertake leadership roles in education and health service delivery in their own communities.

There are a number of priority areas for the AWP region including the development of accreditation standards and support for regulation of the profession.  These issues are key to the development and growth of physical therapy in many countries in the region. Addressing them will assist in maintaining standards of practice and education.

Physical therapy is a young profession in many countries in the region and there is an urgent need to ensure standards are put in place so that physical therapy can grow and develop, assisting the health outcomes of these countries in the best possible way.

Coming up

The next regional general meeting will be held on 10th May 2019, and the election of the regional board member will be held on 7th May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland (exhibition will be at Stand #T3 in the WCPT Congress). 

The AWP Congress 2020 will be in May in Hong Kong.

For information about regional meetings contact Nai-Jia at

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