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The AWP Regional Congress has been rescheduled to 18-20 June 2022.  We feel sorry to announce this urgent change for the sake of attendees' security.  Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

The AWP Congress 2022 will be in Hong Kong ( The registration is suspended now.  The new time and information of the regional congress will be announced to you later, please keep following the congress websites.

If you have any questions or queries about the congress, please contact WCPT-AWP 2020 Congress Secretariat c/o International Conference Consultants Ltd:

Tel: +852 2559 9973
Fax: +852 2847 9528
Email: [email protected]

For information about AWP Regional General Meetings, please contact Ms. Nai-Jia Yao at [email protected]


PEDS project

WCPT-AWP and TPTA collaboration on PEDS project:

The AWP Regional Meeting and Election of WCPT-AWP Board Member

On 7th and 10th May 2019, the 19th Asia Western Pacific Regional General Meeting and the Election of WCPT-AWP Board Member were respectively held at the Starling Hotel Geneva and chaired by Dr. Suh-Fang Jeng with more than 25 regional member organizations in attendance.

Voting delegates from our member organizations took part in the election and Dr. Yasushi Uchiyama (Japan) has been successfully elected as the WCPT-AWP Board Member.

Three new member organizations: Bhutan, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea have joined the AWP region.

In the Regional General Meeting, our member organizations shared their national activities and professional development in their countries.

The future aims and strategic plans/actions of AWP region were also discussed.

For the future events, the next AWP Congress and Regional General Meeting will be in June 2020 in Hong Kong, and the regional election of next AWP executive committee will be in WCPT Congress 2021 in Dubai.

Message from the Chair

The Asia Western Pacific Region (AWP) is one of five regional groupings of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

The AWP is one of the largest and most populous geographical regions in WCPT.  It is a region where physical therapy is well established in some countries and emerging in others.  As a consequence the variability in physical therapy practice is quite marked.

As Chair of the region, I am deeply committed to building the capacity of local physical therapists and other health professionals to undertake leadership roles in education and health service delivery in their own communities.

There are a number of priority areas for the AWP region including the development of accreditation standards and support for regulation of the profession.  These issues are key to the development and growth of physical therapy in many countries in the region. Addressing them will assist in maintaining standards of practice and education.

Physical therapy is a young profession in many countries in the region and there is an urgent need to ensure standards are put in place so that physical therapy can grow and develop, assisting the health outcomes of these countries in the best possible way.