Leal Junior, Ernesto

<p class='hidden-teaser'>Brazil</p><!--break--><h2>Country</h2>
<h2>Biography</h2><p>Professor Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal-Junior has bachelor degree in Physiotherapy (2002 - Brazil). In 2004 he got his Master´s degree at University of Vale do Paraiba (Univap) in Brazil, and he defended his PhD thesis in 2010 at University of Bergen - Norway (Section of Physiotherapy Science, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry). In 2012 he finished his Post-Doctorate at Department of Pharmacology of University of Sao Paulo. His current position is as Full Professor at Nove Julho University in Sao Paulo, Brazil he finished the supervision of 4 master degree students and 1 Ph.D. candidate, and currently he is supervising 4 master degree students and 4 Ph.D. candidates. His expert area of research is phototherapy in skeletal muscle disorders. A special interest has been developed in phototherapy research (Low-Level Laser Therapy and Light Emitting Diode Therapy) for skeletal muscle fatigue delaying, performance enhancement, injury prevention and recovery after strenuous physical activity. Currently, Professor Leal-Junior has the leadership in research of phototherapy for performance enhancement and phototherapy in exercise recovery. Dr. Leal Junior has more than 60 scientific papers published, 38 of them in international peer-review journals (indexed by Pubmed/Medline). He has presented more than 40 scientific papers in National and International Congresses. More recently at September 2011, Prof. Leal Junior was awarded by North American Association for Laser Therapy with Young Clinical Research Award in Phototherapy in 2011.</p>
<div><b>Focused symposium:</b> <a href='/congress/fs/125' >Evidence based use of electrophysical agents for managing musculoskeletal pain</a> (Speaker)</div>