Evidence based practice

WCPT is committed to evidence based practice (EBP). WCPT facilitates international collaboration, develops partnerships and networking, and produces resources to further the development of EBP worldwide.

This section includes WCPT's own resources, and sources of information from others.

WCPT publications

WCPT has produced Keynote papers on evidence based practice, critical appraisal skills and clinical guidelines.

Emailing lists and discussion forums

Networks that you can join so that you receive information about EBP.

Online databases

There are a number of online databases that can be searched for information about EBP.

Electronic journals

Links to physical therapy and EBP journals that provide useful articles on evidence based practice and physical therapy.

Education resources

Information on websites, literature searching, critical appraisal resources, online publications, articles and tutorials.

Clinical guidelines

WCPT provides resources and links on statements which help the practitioner and patient make decisions about appropriate health care.

Research methodology

Links to resources on research ethics and research funding.

Organisations and links

Details of EBP centres and organisations.