International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT)

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International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy

IFSPT is a worldwide federation representing national organisations of sports physiotherapy. It supports member organisations and their members in serving athletes of all ages and abilities through excellence in education, research, practice, and clinical specialisation. IFSPT aims to be the international resource for sports physiotherapists, promoting sports physiotherapy through the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Sports Federations (ISFs) and other professional organisations.



  • Promote sports physiotherapy worldwide
  • Advance the professional interest and stature of sports physiotherapy worldwide
  • Improve the quality of sports physiotherapy worldwide through improving knowledge, skills, and professional responsibility
  • Facilitate efforts to conduct research, to promote evidence based sports physiotherapy
  • Encourage communication and exchange of educational and professional information through various mediums
  • Promote international harmonisation in order to achieve the overall mission of the IFSPT.

Means of carrying out objectives

  • Carrying out the functions of the WCPT as set forth by the bylaws and in policy statements as they relate to the IFSPT
  • Giving support to WCPT in events and matters where sports Physiotherapy is involved
  • Developing, promoting, monitoring and updating high international core standards of sports physiotherapy by:setting competencies and standards; developing clinical guidelines, protocols and a code of ethics; establishing a recognised body of knowledge; encouraging participation in evidence based practice
  • Encouraging international scientific research and promoting opportunities for the spread of knowledge
  • Encouraging communication and exchange of information between member organisations and their members, students, teachers and programmes
  • Encouraging working visits between members of member organisations
  • Facilitating the development of international networks of all specialty areas in which sport physiotherapists practise 
  • Developing a list of IFSPT registered sports physiotherapists
  • Facilitating job rotation
  • Promoting communication and cooperation with other health care professionals, organisations, agencies and professional associations in areas of mutual interest.

Additional Information

IFSPT was a founding partner of the Sports Physiotherapy for All project (SPA) which it coordinated between 2004-2006.  It aimed to promote and enhance mobility, the recognition of sports physiotherapists in Europe and safe physical activity and participation in sport for all. It did this by developing European competencies and standards for sports physiotherapists, an audit tool and guidelines for ethical behaviour in relation to doping. The project was a great success, with its outputs being further developed by IFSPT and adopted worldwide.