Stefan Jutterdal from the Swedish Physiotherapy Association talks about the consultation in a new video
Stefan Jutterdal from the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists talks about the consultation in a new WCPT video

WCPT Look Forward Together: poll number three will look at action

What actions do you think WCPT should take over the next four years? With the first two online polls in the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation about to close, a new poll will be posted at the end of this week asking for your views about priorities for action.

WCPT member organisations and individual physical therapists have until 2300 (Greenwich Mean Time) on Tuesday 17th November to complete the first two polls, asking about opportunities (poll one) and challenges (poll two) for the physical therapy profession. The findings of these two polls will inform this week's third poll, which will ask about the issues that WCPT should focus on.
Meanwhile, WCPT member organisations are expressing their enthusiasm for the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation, which will inform the strategic plan being finalised by the WCPT Executive Board early next year. 
In a new WCPT video, Stefan Jutterdal, President of the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists, speaks of the importance of physical therapists living their vision and having a strategy that reflects this. 
“I strongly believe in the message of physical therapy – for example the message that physical inactivity is one of the biggest challenges for the world. And I think that we should be the natural leaders for that.” 
“I think its very important to build understanding and will.”
What do you think? The polls only take five minutes to complete. In response to feedback, the third poll will include French and Spanish translations. 
You can view the full video below. 

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