Esther Munalula Nkandu (left) pictured with Joyce Mothabeng from South Africa at the WCPT Congress

WCPT Look Forward Together: a personal perspective from Africa

Hundreds of physical therapists have already completed the first WCPT Look Forward Together online poll, gathering opinion on opportunities for the profession around the world. 

And with the next poll on challenges going live later this week, WCPT Executive Board member Esther Munalula Nkandu is providing an African perspective on opportunities and challenges in a new video interview (see below).
Esther, who is Senior Lecturer at the University of Zambia’s Department of Physiotherapy, encourages physical therapists around the world to take part in the polls and get involved in the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation, which will inform the forthcoming strategic plan.
“The strategic plan is going to be owned by WCPT, and the consultation process is very important so that we know what physical therapists want to be achieved,” she said. “Engaging many physical therapists from all regions and different countries brings varied perspectives into the planning process. It’s a very important and exciting process because we’re engaging all our stakeholders.”
You can have your say too. There’s still time to complete the first poll on opportunities. A second one on challenges will be published this week.