Emma Stokes (left) and Margot Skinner (right) pictured while recording videos for WCPT (see below).
Emma Stokes (left) and Margot Skinner (right) pictured while recording videos for WCPT (see below).

WCPT candidates announced

WCPT has announced the candidates standing for election as President and Vice President, for the term 2015-2019. There is one candidate for each position: Emma Stokes will stand for the WCPT Presidency and Margot Skinner will stand for the Vice Presidency. 

Although they are unopposed, both candidates will need the approval of member organisations at the WCPT General Meeting in April next year to be confirmed in their new positions. Single candidacies are not unusual in WCPT’s history: there was only one person standing for the WCPT Presidency and Vice Presidency in 2007. 

Emma Stokes is currently WCPT’s Vice President and Associate Professor at the Department of Physiotherapy in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Her involvement with WCPT began in 1998 when she began representing the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists at international meetings, including WCPT’s European Region. She has been on WCPT’s Executive Committee since 2007.

She says that WCPT feels like her professional home, and would like to see WCPT involving more and more physical therapists around the world. “For some member organisations it’s a big financial commitment to be a member of WCPT and we need to be sure that we have a value for them, that we’re meeting their needs. I’d like to see WCPT reaching out and encouraging more involvement in the work we do.”

Margot Skinner is currently the WCPT Executive Committee Member from Asia Western Pacific and Senior Lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago. She has also been on WCPT’s Executive Committee since 2007, and was Chair of its Asia Western Pacific Region between 2003 and 2007.

“WCPT provides such a wonderful opportunity to have all these friends and colleagues around the world who share the same interests,” she says. “We’re well established now as an international organisation. I think a priority is to assist countries that have been struggling to form an association, to enable them to be part of physical therapy internationally.”

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