The last WCPT congress, in Singapore, attracted 3,500 physical therapists from 114 countries
The last WCPT congress, in Singapore, attracted 3,500 physical therapists from 114 countries

Leading speakers announced for WCPT Congress

Seventy-five global opinion leaders and innovators in the world of physical therapy will present key sessions at the forthcoming WCPT Congress, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa on 2nd-4th July 2017.

They will participate in 17 focused symposium sessions, where cutting-edge research and practice perspectives are explored and debated. Among the speakers are Paul Hodges from Australia, Stephanie Nixon from Canada, Rebecca Craik from the United States, Esther Nkandu from Zambia and Ann Soderlund from Sweden.

“We’ve been able to select some very high quality speakers, covering topics of vital importance for the profession across a wide variety of practice and research areas,” said Dina Brooks, Chair of WCPT’s International Scientific Committee, which has responsibility for putting together the programme for the WCPT Congress.

Subjects being covered include:

  • The use of global health data to inform physical therapy
  • Changing lifestyle behaviour
  • Chest wall trauma
  • Driving brain plasticity following stroke
  • Physical therapy and men’s health
  • Caring for intensive care unit survivors
  • Physical therapy and HIV
  • Physical therapy in disaster response
  • New pain science for survivors of torture and trauma

“Focused symposia are a very popular feature of our congresses, drawing large audiences. They provide the opportunity not just to hear from world authorities, but to engage with them in discussion.”

“We’re delighted that we have such a good geographical representation in our speakers. We can honestly say that the focused symposia will have something for everyone – wherever they work, and whether their interest is clinical practice, research or education.”

Each focused symposium is organised by a convenor, who leads an international group of speakers through linked research-focused presentations. The symposium ends with key take-home messages for practice, research, education, management and policy.

The WCPT Congress is now held every two years. The last congress, held in Singapore in 2015, attracted 3,500 physical therapists from 114 countries.

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