Policy resources

This section contains WCPT's policy documents - policy statements, endorsements, guidelines and glossary - which are available to inform professional practice, education, planning and development.

WCPT policy documents

WCPT's policy statements set out its agreed stance or opinion on a range of topics. They are important tools for informing health and social policy around the world, and furthering the development of the profession and service delivery.

There are four categories of WCPT policy documents: education; professional issues; professional practice; social issues.

Many policies are supported by additional resources, such as guidelines or dedicated areas of the WCPT website.

WCPT policies A-Z

You can access policies by name or category. The A-Z listing helps if you know the subject you are looking for.

WCPT glossary

WCPT has developed, and continues to add to, a glossary to support its work on policy, guidelines and other projects. It helps ensure that terminology is interpreted consistently from country to country.  The glossary is not intended to be an exhaustive A-Z of terms used in physical therapy.