WCPT Strategic plan 2017-2021

WCPT’s Executive Board has developed a strategic plan to take the organisation to the year 2021. As part of the process, WCPT has undertaken a wide-reaching consultation  – WCPT Look Forward Together – with member organisations, individual physical therapists and external organisations. You can find resources about the strategic plan and the consultation here.

Strategic plan

The WCPT strategic plan is now available. Following the positive responses from member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks, and the global physical therapy community, the Board has taken WCPT Look Forward to WCPT Move Forward having developed a business plan to deliver against the outcomes in the plan.

News stories

WCPT has posted a wide range of news stories explaining and reporting the strategic planning process and the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation.

Poll results

As part of its consultation on the strategic plan, WCPT has issued a series of polls. You can view the poll results here.

PowerPoint presentation


Translations of polls into several languages have been made available for polls one, two and three (now all closed). The final detailed surveys also included translations in French and Spanish.  


WCPT has produced a series of videos gaining the views of Executive Board members and WCPT member organisation representatives about the strategic plan.