Career development (NWS-32)

Networking session (NWS)
Tuesday 4 July, 10:15-11:15
Indaba - Zone 1
Career options and opportunities


  • Tracy Bury (United Kingdom)


  • David Lopez (Chile)
  • Magda Fourie (South Africa)
  • Sunil Pokhrel (Nepal)
  • Kenneth Harwood (United States)


  • Andoret Van Wyk (South Africa)
  • Darren Brown (United Kingdom)
  • Margaret Wazakili (Malawi)
  • Birgit Mueller-Winkler (Germany)
  • Jonathan Quartey (Ghana)
  • Ann Green (United Kingdom)
  • Emma Tebbutt (Switzerland)
  • Wilma Erasmus (South Africa)
  • Pauline Kusuwo (South Africa)
  • Rachel Lowe (United Kingdom)
  • Uta Prehl (France)
  • Monica Perracini (Brazil)
  • Andrea Backović Juričan (Slovenia)


Physical therapists may change jobs frequently and travel widely, activities that open up different opportunities. The benefits of planned and ad hoc approaches to career development will be explored in this speed dating session with physical therapists who have followed different career paths including: research, education, clinical specialists, professional advisers, humanitarian work, primary care, expert advisers, and private practice . This session will take place in the Indaba which will provide the opportunity for one on one or small group discussions. The world is your oyster - come and explore where you might go.


  1. To explore career pathways and factors affecting them
  2. To generate ideas on ways to facilitate careers in physical therapy
  3. To facilitate networking between early career professionals and potential mentors

Facilitators should be available to support discussions in French, Spanish and German.


Programme subject to change