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Media registration policy

WCPT welcomes journalists and media representatives to the WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town.

Registered journalists have free and full access to all congress sessions, the press room, and are offered assistance where available to gather material for stories.

Media registration is free of charge for those who meet the criteria below. Journalists who are not registered will not be admitted to the congress.

WCPT welcomes individual reporters. In the case of multi-person teams please contact Communications manager Kiran Acharya by emailing

Media representatives who wish to attend the congress free of charge must provide the following:

Criteria for media registration

To qualify for media registration you must:

  • Work for a newspaper, news service, magazine, major online publication or radio or television station, and provide evidence of this; or
  • Work for a physical therapy publication, such as a magazine or online publication published by a WCPT member organisation, and provide evidence of this

Editors and staff of scientific journals are not considered media, and will not be considered for press registration.

Bloggers, tweeters and website owners/contributors will not be considered for media registration at the congress.

Publishers and representatives of sales, advertising or marketing departments of publications or other news organisations will also not be considered for media registration.

Normally, WCPT will only allow one free media registration per publication. All applicants must be 18 or older by 1st July 2017.

Procedure for media registration

Online media registration is now closed.

Applicants for media registration must download the registration form and take the completed form and all supporting documents to the onsite registration desk at congress.

Please note; there is the risk that applications will not be accepted.

If you are a print or online journalist working for a newspaper or magazine, you will need to provide your completed registration form and the following (scans or urls):

  • Three recent articles that have been published by a recognised media outlet that you have written, with your byline on the article; AND
  • An email or letter from your editor stating that you have been assigned to cover WCPT Congress

If you are a broadcast journalist or filmmaker (see information on media access below), you will need to provide your completed registration form and the following (files or urls):

  • Audio or video of three broadcast programmes you have worked on, with proof that you were involved in the production; AND
  • An email or letter from your editor stating that you have been assigned to cover the WCPT Congress

If you are an editor/producer for a newspaper, magazine, online publication, radio or broadcast outlet, you will need to provide your completed registration form and documentation confirming your position (business card, letterhead, press card, letter from publisher).

Information about media access

Journalists and media representatives will have full access to all congress sessions open to paying delegates, including the congress opening ceremony and welcome reception.

During congress sessions, delegates and media professionals are permitted to take photographs without flash, video, tweet, text and blog – as long as they do not leave their seats to do so. We wish to minimise disruption during congress sessions.

Moving around to take photographs or video is not permitted unless written permission has been obtained from WCPT’s communications representative, Kiran Acharya.

When tweeting, please use the congress hashtag: #WCPT2017

During congress, there are some social events and courses which delegates have to pay extra to attend.

These extra events are not open free of charge to media representatives, unless specific arrangements have been made with the communications representative.