Setchell, Jenny

Setchell, Jenny
Jenny Setchell, PhD(c), BSc (Pty), Grad Cert (Clin Pty), APAM
Jenny is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow in international conjoint positions at the physiotherapy departments of The University of Queensland, Australia and the University of Toronto, Canada. Her research interests include post-structuralist critical perspectives on healthcare broadly, and physiotherapy specifically. She currently researches in the areas of both disability and pain and employs qualitative and post-qualitative methods to her research. Jenny has been published in both national and international physiotherapy and psychology journals and has presented extensively on her work. Her PhD in psychology focused on weight stigma in physiotherapy. She also has 20 years of diverse clinical physiotherapy experience in Australia and internationally primarily in the musculoskeletal and sports sub-disciplines. Jenny is a founding member, and Co-chair of the executive committee of the international Critical Physiotherapy Network. She is also an active member of the International Society for Critical Health Psychology. Jenny was the recipient of the Margret Mittelheuser Fellowship for post-graduate study in 2015. She has also been an acrobat and a human rights worker.

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