Greene, Gerard

Greene, Gerard
United Kingdom
Gerard graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland with a BSc (Physiotherapy) in 1994.He has an MSc in Manipulative Physiotherapy and PG Cert in HEd. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University since 2003, lecturing on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes . He has a large Women's & Men's Health Physio clinic in Birmingham, UK and runs Specialist Pelvic health post-grad courses in UK, Ireland and internationally. Gerard has presented at several national and international Physiotherapy Conferences on the use of Social Media in Pelvic Health. He was  chair of the Social Media Networking session at WCPT15 in Singapore. Gerard co- founded the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Facebook Group with approx 5000 members & assisted Jo Milios in setting up the Men’s Health Facebook Group. He currently works clinically in Men's Health with Dr Ruth Jones ( Southampton )  and in his Birmingham  clinic  and the One Stop Doctors clinic  in Hertfordshire. Current research projects include exploring how women’s & Men’s Health Physios  are using So Me for prof development across the WCPT regions  and the use of Ultrasound Imaging to assess the male athletic Pelvic floor.

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