Thomas, Lucy

Thomas, Lucy
Dr Lucy Thomas is musculoskeletal physiotherapist and lecturer at the University of Queensland and a conjoint lecturer and researcher at the University of Newcastle. She has post-graduate qualifications in manipulative physiotherapy, Master of Medical Science (Physiotherapy) and completed her PhD “Minimising Risk Factors for Cervical Spine Manipulation” in 2013. She has a particular interest in differential diagnosis and treatment of cervical spine disorders, in particular headache and dizziness and leads the MPA working party reviewing the 2006 VBI guidelines. Her main research focus is on improving screening practices in cervical manipulative therapy, in particular early recognition of craniocervical arterial dissection. Lucy currently co-ordinates the cervical spine musculoskeletal course in the undergraduate and graduate entry masters courses at the University of Queensland and also teaches into Post-Graduate Musculoskeletal Master’s programs. She has extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development. Current research projects include the investigation of risk factors such as seasonal variation and minor trauma in cervical arterial dissection with a grant from the National Stroke Foundation, and experimental MRI studies examining the effect of neck position on the mechanical properties of the cervical artery wall and blood flow to the brain. She has previously presented at WCPT and IFOMPT.

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