Travel visas for South Africa

If you are planning to attend the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2017 being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, from 2-4 July 2017 you are encouraged to review your travel visa requirements and start your application as soon as possible.

Most foreigners coming into South Africa do not require a travel visa for entry and may be given social visit passes for up to 90 days upon arrival in South Africa, however, we strongly recommend you consult your local consular office for the latest information with regard to visiting South Africa.

Check the list of South African Representation Abroad to find the South African Embassy/Consulate General’s Office nearest to you.

As a guide, typically all visitors to South Africa must meet the following entry requirements:

  • valid and acceptable passport or travel document (minimum validity 6 months)
  • at least one blank page in passport for endorsements
  • onward/return ticket
  • entry facilities to next destination
  • sufficient funds to stay in South Africa
  • yellow fever certificates (if your journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America)
  • travel visa for South Africa (if applicable)

If you have children (minors) travelling with you or joining in South Africa, please ensure you review the advisory on new requirements for children travelling through South African ports of entry.

To verify if you are exempt from requiring a travel visa to enter South Africa, please check the list of countries exempt from South African visas. If you require a travel visa to enter South Africa, please approach the South African embassy or consulate nearest to you for: information on travel visa application and submission procedures, required documents, application fees payable, and to obtain travel visa application forms. Information on travel visa application procedures can also be found on the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website.

The travel visa application process time varies and it is important that you start your application well in advance to ensure you receive your travel visa in time.

If a travel visa is denied by an embassy, WCPT cannot be held responsible for any fees that have already been paid for accommodation or travel. The above information provided is for information only. It is the responsibility of all registrants to verify their individual travel visa requirements.

You can contact the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa for assistance at

Letters of invitation

If you require an invitation letter for WCPT Congress 2017 to support your visa application, please download the letter of invitation.  You will have to save the letter of invitation on your computer and fill in the existing form fields with your personal information. You can then save and print the document.

Please note:

  • The above information is provided for information only.  It is the responsibility of all delegates to check their individual visa requirements with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
  • We recommend that delegates check visa and entry requirements before making any travel arrangements, and submit visa applications as early as possible.
  • Requirements may change without prior notice.