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At Joe Nimble Functional Footwear, we believe that the human foot has evolved to be asymmetrical and ‘foot-shaped’ for important functional reasons and therefore the first principle of shoe design should be that shoes are asymmetrical and ‘foot-shaped’. Unfortunately, for mass produced, modern shoes the ‘symmetrical last’ has become the standard within the industry and the symmetrical shoe is now established as ‘normal’ in modern society.

Many physical problems can be traced back to causes that are easy to be eliminated. An incorrect posture, often results from a foot malposition, which in turn is caused by inappropriate (symmetrical) footwear without toefreedom. Thanks to its asymmetrical toefreedom design, Joe Nimble's Functional Footwear leaves enough room for the big toe to act as the natural anchor and stabilizer for the foot and therefore the whole body. The whole body can relax when it can rest on a stable basis.

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