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zebris Medical

zebris Medical GmbH is an innovative company that has been successful for many years in the development and production of 3D motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics. Our products for the divisions medical, dental, sports are distributed and sold via affiliated distributors in 34 countries worldwide.


Established 1988 in Nussdorf-Traunstein h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, advanced design and safety in the production of running machines, treadmills, ladder-ergometers, sprint trainers (sprint ergometers), sports performance training and diagnostic systems as well as rehabilitation equipment. In the course of time, h/p/cosmos developed into a specialist for running machines and accessories in sports, medicine and research. Designed to last, functionality, precision engineering and the safety of the devices delight fitness people, athletes and coaches, patients and physicians worldwide.

Together we will be presenting our systems for gait training, analysis and therapy. With Rehawalk®, robowalk® and airwalk® learning to walk again becomes possible!

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