Direct access (DS-01)

Discussion session
Saturday 11 May 2019, 08:30-10:00
Room C
Identifying barriers and offering solutions – the path to direct access


In some countries, direct access to physical therapy services has been available for a long time; some have recently managed to change policy to provide direct access and in some countries action is still required to bring about change. The role of national advocacy, based on a sound business case, is critical to change in service delivery and a change in perspectives. This session provides a platform to share experiences and gain insight on advocacy strategies.


  1. To provide an overview of the evolution of direct access in different countries; the drivers, barriers and strategies for success.
  2. To explore the implications for practice and professionalism including education, regulation, inter-professional practice and funding issues.
  3. To discuss the benefits of direct access and self-referral for health service providers, individuals, physical therapists, the profession, medical colleagues and society in general