Davidson, Melissa

Davidson, Melissa
New Zealand
Physiotherapy Specialist - Pelvic Health, Ph.D Candidate, M.Phil, Dip.Physio, B.Science, Dip.Manipulation, Post Grad. Cert. Physio (Pelvic Floor) & (Acupuncture).
Secretary International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Women’s Health
Physiotherapy New Zealand Pelvic, Women’s and Men’s Health committee

Davidson, Melissa J and Kruger, Jennifer A. Prevalence of urinary incontinence during pregnancy: A narrative review. The Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal, Vol. 24, No. 4, Summer 2018: 112-117.
Davidson MJ, Bryant AL, Bower WF, Frawley HC. Myotonometry reliably measures muscle stiffness in the thenar and perineal muscles. Physiotherapy Canada. 2016;69(2):1-9.
Ferreira CHJ, Dwyer PL, Davidson MJ, De Souza A, Ugarte JA, Frawley HC. Does pelvic floor muscle training improve female sexual function? A systematic review. International urogynecology journal. 2015:1-16.
International Symposium of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health; International Association of the Study of Pain Congress; International Continence Society Conference; PNZ Conferences, WCPT Congress; New Zealand Pain Society Conference
Grants Received:
CAMRI Research Grant, Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust, University of Auckland Scholarship, International Continence Society, Pelvic, Women's and Men's Special Interest Group and Otago Branch PNZ, New Zealand Pain Association, Physiotherapy Research Foundation, PNZ Scholarship Trust
Professional Practice:
Graduated in 1990. Achieved specialist scope of practice (pelvic health) in 2016. Since 2012, combined research and clinical workloads.