Morkved, Siv

Morkved, Siv
Siv Mørkved graduated as a physiotherapist in 1981 and with a master in physiotherapy sciences  in 1994. She had her PhD in 2003 on pre- and postpartum pelvic floor muscle training and has supervised 10 PhD students. She was appointed academic professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2009 and Research Director at St.Olavs hospital 2008-18. She was vice president in the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association’s Womens Health group for 10 years, and have chaired several boards related to the development of clinical research in health care. Mørkved has published > 80 scientific papers and during the last 30 years given numerous invited presentations. She is appointed an honorary lifelong member of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Associations' Women's Health Group. At present she is associate Medical Director in
Central Norway Regional Health Authority, and professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.