Shirima, Remla

Shirima, Remla

Remla Mramba Shirima: BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, MBA (Int. Health), PgC MSK Diagnosis

Remla has nearly 20 years of work experience in healthcare, in the United Kingdom and in Tanzania. Her work experience in the UK includes working in the British National Health Service (NHS), private hospitals & clinics and voluntary sectors. In Tanzania, she works in the private sector. Remla founded a healthcare company Physiocare (T) Ltd, 12 years ago. Physiocare operates Physiotherapy clinics and imports physiotherapy and rehabilitation products from Europe to Tanzania. Physiocare is the sole distributor in Tanzania of many large manufacturers in Physiotherapy field.

Remla is the Managing Director of Physiocare, an activist for better service and development of Physiotherapy Profession in Tanzania.  Her work is split between managing the business and working as a clinician.   Remla has trained physiotherapy students on placement both in Tanzania and in the UK. Clinically she has worked extensively in orthopaedics and musculoskeletal care. She has worked also with charitable organisations including setting up drop-in health service centre and setting up and run a community based exercise classes for the elderly.   Remla is also the current President of the Association of Physiotherapists in Tanzania (APTA).