Sharma, Saurab

Sharma, Saurab
Saurab is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, researcher, and Assistant Professor at Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Nepal. He is currently a PhD candidate at University of Otago, New Zealand working on developing culturally acceptable evidence around assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain in Nepal.

Saurab aims to improve optimize pain management in Nepal and across the globe by: (1) utilizing existing available high-quality evidences and (2) developing evidences when evidence is lacking or is absent. He has developed research collaborations across the globe to study (musculoskeletal) pain.  He developed an online platform called to promote evidence-based practice in Nepal and other developing countries. Saurab has won prestigious grants and awards, published papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and presented his research in numerous international and national conferences. 

He has worked for Nepal Health Professional Council in revising code of ethics for physiotherapy to match contemporary international standards, and lobbying for and developing curriculum for license exam to practice physiotherapy in Nepal. He is currently board members of Pain, Mind, and Movement special interest group of International Association for the Study of Pain and Regulatory Research Committee of International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities; and an advisor of Nepal Physiotherapy Association.