Warning about accommodation for WCPT Congress 2019

04 Dec 2018

WCPT is aware that some speakers and delegates to WCPT Congress 2019 may have been contacted by companies, or individuals, claiming to be affiliated with the congress to discuss accommodation

‘A strong primary health care system requires a strong rehabilitation workforce’

07 Nov 2018

WCPT, together with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) and the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), has undertaken some collaborative advocacy to ensure rehabilitation is a key component of any health care strategy that has a goal of maintaining functional capacity and independence.

WCPT publishes information note on physical therapy equipment donation

19 Sep 2018

In some countries nearly 80% of health care equipment is donated or funded by international donors. But, according to WHO a large proportion (up to 70% in sub-Saharan Africa) of donated equipment lies idle because of a disconnect between recipients and donors around need.

Lorena Enebral Pérez honoured by home town

18 Sep 2018

Lorena Enebral Pérez, the amputee rehabilitation specialist who was shot and killed by a patient at a Red Cross rehabilitation centre in Afghanistan, has been honoured by the town in which she lived.

Have your say on WCPT’s Education Guidelines

30 Aug 2018

The WCPT Board appointed an Education Policy and Guidelines Expert Working Group (EPPG-EWG) to work with an external consultant on a review of the current education resources.

WHO calls for organisations to share rehabilitation competency frameworks

23 Aug 2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) Rehabilitation Programme is calling for organisations, associations and institutions to share their rehabilitation-related competency frameworks. The shared competency frameworks will help WHO develop resources to support countries seeking to strengthen their human resources for rehabilitation.


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